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Virtual Assistant Services

Our “VAs” are capable of performing a myriad of services to meet your business and personal needs. A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional providing administrative support and specialized services to other businesses or entities, working as an independent contractor.  A virtual assistant uses cutting-edge technology to skillfully complete and deliver work assignments via the Internet, e-mail, traditional mail and shipping methods, or online file sharing. We don’t require any of the ordinary employee costs, so you are only paying for the time spent completing assigned tasks. 

We take a sincere interest in helping you grow your business, your relationship with your clients. Virtual Office Tools offers services which include: transcription, editing and proofreading of written materials, academic writing, resume writing, information processing, professional correspondence, spreadsheets, e-mail, social media, & website/blog management, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, database management, bookkeeping, bill pay, financial report creation, meeting & event planning, calendar & scheduling management, travel planning, making and returning phone calls, sending out cards and gifts, PR, & much, much more!

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