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We design, setup and implement Local Area Networking (LAN), Wide Area Networking (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN), Campus LAN and Wireless LAN solutions.

Designing and implementing networks is a complex activity that requires a high level of expertise and versatile hands-on experience. Our experts successfully solve these problems as part of providing customers with effective solutions. Network services include network design (high level and detailed plans), internet/intranet functionality, and network implementation and testing.

Our complete fibre optic solution offers a range of services- from fibre optic design, cable installation, fibre optic splicing, testing, fibre optic course, training & certification, to management & maintenance. Typical installation sites include businesses, commerce, defense, governments, healthcare, hospitals, industrial sites, offices, and schools.

We install VSAT (C-Band or KU-Band) in any location round Nigeria at affordable price. We supply and also provide you or your company with high-speed internet through quality VSAT SYSTEMS. We deliver VSAT services through the use of KU BAND, C-BAND, SEPC, TDMA, DVB for video, voice, fax and data transmissions.

We offer a wide range of office communication solutions covering Voice Switching, Voice Messaging and small, medium and enterprise office intercom communication solutions. We offer complete range of IP PBX, PABX and VoIP solutions

We also offer quality and reliable security and surveillance services which includes sales and supply, installation and maintenance of IP Video Surveillance cameras for Governments, NGOs, Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Companies, Schools, Individuals, etc. We employ the latest, innovative technologies to meet your surveillance and security needs.

Our “VAs” are capable of performing a myriad of services to meet your business and personal needs. A virtual assistant is a highly skilled professional providing administrative support and specialized services to other businesses or entities, working as an independent contractor.  A virtual assistant uses cutting-edge technology to skillfully complete and deliver work assignments via the Internet, e-mail, traditional mail and shipping methods, or online file sharing. We don’t require any of the ordinary employee costs, so you are only paying for the time spent completing assigned tasks. 

We install, service and maintain computer Systems and peripherals for business, schools, hospitals, government parastatals, etc.

If you are considering purchasing a new ICT infrastructure, we can also help you interpret the specifications in quotations you may have already received from hardware and software vendors.

Lakke offers a helping hand to companies of all sizes who want to reduce their operating costs and free up more time to concentrate on what's most important to them.

Our IT services take those routine everyday IT tasks out of your hands and consequently allow staff and resources to be re-allocated to generating revenue and internal processes that deliver real business value.

To find out how our IT solutions can benefit your organisation, get in touch with our team of experts on 08034554596, or complete our online enquiry form.

Our software department develops the most up to date application software and also supports them with the relevant staff training and maintenance services required to maximize the use of the customized application using highly seasoned professionals that are versatile in systems planning, design, coding, implementation and documentation of software that meet the needs of the different sectors of the economy.

Lakke Software Suite

The Lakke Software Suite is a Microsoft Visual Basic-based, fully-integrated, web-based application and consists of the following Modules/Granules.

  • Lakke Biometrics: Fingerprint Access Control, Clocking
  • Lakke Optics: Surveillance Solutions; Security and Monitoring
  • Lakke Fiscals: An integration of financial and administrative functions

In all the areas highlighted above, we have professionals who carry out comprehensive and advanced training courses for Chief Executives, Managers, and Officers interested in applying hi-tech efficiency to their jobs.

Other training areas include:

  • Spreadsheets - MS-Excel
  • Word-processing - MS-Word
  • Desktop publishing - Corel Draw, MS Publisher
  • Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) – Oracle, MS Access
  • Web-Based Applications
  • Programming: Visual Basic.NET, PHP, Oracle, C++, Java

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