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Lakke Intergrated Business Solutions is an evolving technology consulting and services delivery company based in Abuja, the capital city of one of Africa's fastest growing economy. Lakke provides a select range of services including but not limited to:
  • Strategic ICT Consulting & Solutions for SMEs, Mid Tier, Enterprise and Government
  • ICT Network Services & Managed Support for SMEs, Mid Tier, Enterprise and Government

Lakke Integrated Business Solutions is an indigenous company owned and managed by highly experienced industrial leaders. At Lakke, we believe that the right technology, incorporated with accuracy in implementation and excellence in execution, enables your business to grow and prosper. Lakke Integrated Business Solutions is committed to positioning itself as a leader in the provision of strategic business technology solutions, focusing on solutions that are capable of addressing the unique processes and technology needs of your businesses.

Combining technologies from the major players in business technology solutions, Lakke delivers to their market at a price point that is competitive and and compelling. Combine this with access to some of the most recognised names in hardware solutions, software products, infrastructure solutions, communications and data protection and you have true value, reliability and the very best possible outcome for any given situation.


Our Goal

  • Providing business solutions using ICT as a tool.
  • Delivering customer centered services using top quality products.
  • Maintaining an edge within a competitive market

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet MDG goals using ICT as a developmental instrument by making high speed internet access available to all Nigerians at an affordable rate.!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be among the leading organizations with cutting edge ICT technology and prompt service delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa by opening it up to the digital world.!

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